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logo-zadrima“Zadrima Intermunicipal Association” (Nderkomunalja e Zadrimes)  was established on 12th August 2002 by the Districts of Blinisht, Bushat and Dajc. Its creation was helped by the Italian NGO COSPE, in the framework of the project “Support to rural development of Blinisht, Bushat, and Dajkic municipalities”, funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Following the formal recognition of the Ministry of Local Government and Decentralisation, on 2nd December 2002 also the Municipality of Vau Dejes and the District of Hajimel joined the Zadrima Intermunicipal Association”.


The Zadrima Intermunicipal Association” was created thanks to  the legal  framework provided by  the law 8652 on administrative decentralisation, which established  the right for the Districts to  promote mutual collaboration,  and co-operation with local authorities of foreign countries (art. 8). The same law recognised  the right to develop mutual collaboration also by creating a new legal entity, to which the Districts can delegate the management of services which fall under their responsibility (art. 14)


The Districts of Blinisht, Bushat, Dajic, Hajimel, and the Municipality of Vau Dejes chose to transfer to the Intermunicipal Asociation the management of the environmental services, with special reference to the solid waste collection.



The Zadrima Intermunicipal Association” is based in the District of Dajc, has its own  constitution, and is made up by the following bodies:


  • The Intermunicipal Coordinating Committee, which comprises the Mayors of the 5 Districts and Municipality
  • The Assembly of the Counsellors of the Districts and of the Municipality
  • The Intermunicipal Technical Board, made up by the environmental technicians from the Districts and the Municipality.



The the Zadrima Intermunicipal Association” can also rely on the support and collaboration of the Circondario della Val di Cornia, which is an Association of 5 Tuscan District in the Province of Livorno. A twinning relationship has been established between the two institutions, that has provided the opportunities for useful exchange and collaborations in the field of intermunicipal co-operation, waste management, land planning, environmental protection.

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