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Zadrima I Love you

After the successful end of winners award of the photo contest “Zadrima I Love you”, organized on 23 February 2013, in Krajan, Commune of Blinisht, Lezha, all of these photos are now part of a moving exhibition. The aim of this exhibition is to promote Zadrima territory values and to increase the visibility of our work. The photos will be presented to the 5 communes inhabitants also at the schools during these days:

  1. 28 February 2013, Commune of Dajç
    2. 01 March 2013, School of Gjader
    3. 04 March 2013, Municipality of Vau Dejes
    4. 05 March 2013, School of Mjede
    5. 06 March 2013, School of Hajmel
    6. 07 March 2013, Commune of Hajmel
    7. 11 March 2013, Commune of Blinisht
    8. 12 March 2013, School of Blinisht
    9. 13 March 2013, Commune of Bushat
    10.15 March 2013, School of Stajke

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