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Who we are



Who we are


We are people from the Zadrima who love our land and  want to take care of it. We are young people, but we ask everybody to share our call Zadrima toka jone and join our action.




What we do


With the support of the the Zadrima Intermunicipal Association and the Italian NGO COSPE  we are carrying out two campaigns:


  • Zadrima te dua te miren:  to recover, protect and value our natural and cultural heritage
  • Zadrima te dua te paster: to clear our land  from all the  waste scattered around


What you can do


  • You can endorse and share our call
  • You can participate to the campaign Zadrima te due te miren by indicating with a picture things and places of the Zadrima which are worth of protection and whose value can be exploited
  • You can join us on 22nd September for the sensitisation day “Zadrima te du te paster”, to clear away the waste from our villages
  • You can become our partner and friend, by supporting our campaigns and our projects, also from abroad