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Differentiation of waste (paper and plastic)

During the month of April, in Zadrima, starts the service of differentiation of waste (paper and plastic). The commencement of this pilot initiative is implemented by the Italian Association COSPE in partnership with the Zadrima Intercommunal Association, in the frame of the project “Support of the dynamics for the local development in the rural area of Zadrima – Nord Albania” promoted with the financial support of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Italy.

The service will be conducted in the following villages:

  1. Commune of Bushat/ Melgushe, Stajka, Kosmaç
  2. Commune of Dajç/Gjader, Dajç, Mabe
  3. Municipality of Vau Dejes/Mjede, Naraç, Shelqet
  4. Commune of Hajmel/Hajmel
  5. Commune of Blinisht/Blinisht


This pilot project takes place in the framework of the campaign “Zadrima I want you clean! Launched by the movement “Zadrima Our Land!”.

For the implementation of this project, near each school and commercial activities of the above villages, has been distributed three bins placed in battery: one with brown cover for the undifferentiated waste, the yellow cover for plastic, and the blue one for paper/cardboard.


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