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  “Zadrima Intermunicipal Association” (Nderkomunalja e Zadrimes)  was established on 12th August 2002 by the Districts of Blinisht, Bushat and Dajc. Its creation was helped by the Italian NGO COSPE, in the framework of the project “Support to rural development of Blinisht, Bushat, and Dajkic municipalities”, funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.   Following the formal recognition of …

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Circolo Alex Langer

The “circolo Alex Langer” is a private no-profit association based in Viareggio, Tuscany,  which was created in  1996 with the following purposes: Create awareness on the link between environmental degradation and poverty, between  world’s Nor th-South economic unbalancedand global environmental crisis, which threaten the integrity and vitality of the Earth Develop commitment and efforts for peace and co-operation among all …

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