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Project  “Support to local development in the rural area of Zadrina – Northern Albaniacospe_logo_rgb

The project  “Support to local development in the rural area of Zadrima – Northern Albaniais  being implemented by the NGO COSPE of Florence, in partnership with the Zadrima Intermunicipal Association, and it’s co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The project started in   2010, for  a three years duration.


The districts of the  Zadrima involved in the project are 5: Bushat, Vau Dejes, Dajc, Blinisht, Hajmel. In 2002, with the support of COSPE, the 5 districts established  an Intermunicipal Association for the development of services of land management and environmental protection.


The project  aims at “developing the process of administrative decentralisation in the Zadrima region, in a perspective of participatory democracy”, as stated by its general objective. In this context,  it wants to develop the environmental services of the Zadrima Intermunicipal Association: first of all the service of solid waste collection, which  most of the Zadrima’s villages still lack when the project started in 2010.


According to this purpose, the service of waste collection – managed by the  Zadrima Intermunicipal Association – was firstly established in February 2011. in 5 pilot villages:



  • Gjader, District of Dajc, 574 faniglie e  2156 abitanti
  • Stajika, District of Bushat, 630 famiglie, 2541 abitanti
  • Hajmel , District of Hajmel, 612 famiglie, 2372 abitanti,
  • Blinisht, District of Blinisht, 253 famiglie, 1086
  • Kaç e Naraç, Municipality of Vau Deies, 629 famiglie, 2134 abitanti


The waste collection system is based on the following key elements:


  1. 1 dumpster every 30 families
  2. separate collection of plastic
  3. support and development of domestic compost


Since february 2011, the service has been expanded to 13 more villages, and by the end of the project – in June 2013 – it will cover the whole of the territory under the Zadrima Intermunicipal Association: 26 villages, with an overall population of 31.880i).


( link with Power Point “Waste collection in Zadrima”




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