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Circolo Alex Langer

circoloThe “circolo Alex Langer” is a private no-profit association based in Viareggio, Tuscany,  which was created in  1996 with the following purposes:

  • Create awareness on the link between environmental degradation and poverty, between  world’s Nor
    th-South economic unbalancedand global environmental crisis, which threaten the integrity and vitality of the Earth
  • Develop commitment and efforts for peace and co-operation among all the peoples, beyond all the frontiers and barriers, for a new economic International order, for concret help e and solutions  to environmental, technological, helath and food problems of developing countries


Since its foundation, the Circolo Alex Langer has carried out the following initiatives in Latin American and African countries:



Nicaragua (1996/2003)

  • Support to the local NGO ‘Fundacion del Rio’ for building/equipment of Environmental Centre at San Miguelito, in the eastern shore of the Lake of Nicaragua.
  • Emergency project for people affected by the hurricane Mitch in the District of Matagalpa.

Cuba (2002-2004)

  • Organisation of 3 “work fields” for Italian volunteers for the realisation of interpretative environmental paths  in the Guanabo protectedc area,  Habana del Est municipality.


Swaziland ( 2001/2007)

  • Programme ‘Asigcine Tintsandzane Esikolweni’, to secure food, education, health assistance for AIDS orphans in the community of Shewula.
  • Development of a Centre for Community Services  at Shewula (electromic equipment, creation mof database,  training of local personnel).
  • Programme ‘Asakhane Bomake’, to help families affected by AIDS in the community of Shewula,  by improving and expanding production of  local handicraft.



Mozambico ( 2000/2002):

  • Project to improve Health Assistance in the  Mangunde school, province of Sofala (costruzione, arredamento ed equipaggiamento di un laboratorio d’analisi, formazione del personale locale, educazione comunitaria).
  • Project ‘Let’s plant the future’, for the distribution of seeds and agricultural inputs to people affected by the floods in in the province of Sofala.


Since its foundation, the   Circolo Alex Langer has been collaborating with the NGO COSPE.

In Albania, it collaborates since 2011 to develop the activities of environmental education and sensitisation in the framnework of the project Support to local development in the rural area of Zadrima – Northern Albania,



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